National Africa College Online High School is accepting applications for volunteer positions within the school.  Volunteer teachers should either be currently active or retired teachers, researchers, university students and others. There are opportunities to teach online or face to face grade nine and vocational-technical students, train other teachers, teach adult learners in a community setting, take on office job as an administrator, a webmaster, a social media specialist, a swimming instructor or a course that is fun and exciting and would leave your mark behind for as short as three months or a year or more depending on your availability. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student, check to find out how your school would give you credit from your work with us. We would do whatever it takes to get you the credits if only they would give you the chance to try NACOHS. Thank you for considering NACOHS! 

Volunteerism could be a life-changing experience. Read more on this here in the case of NACOHS!

NACOHS now has two Hybrid (Blended) Schools for Grades 9 ( SHS 1) and Vocational-Technical School for graduates of JHS and SHS in Kumasi, Ghana towards career development and job creation for unemployed graduates starting in June 2019.

For Overseas Volunteer/Teacher Applicants: Click Here


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