As a student of NACOHS, be an agent of change and make life better in your community and the country at large. Read what other teens have done and be inspired to do same. Read about some teen's accomplishments here!

Our students range from Grades 9-12.  They receive a comprehensive United States online high school curriculum that is differentiated to meet their individualized needs.  Students can also elect to receive on-site support from our many on-site teachers throughout each region of Ghana.  For the first year in September 2017, admission would be for students in Grade Nine. This will continue every year until Grade Twelve in Year 2020.

  • Email: All of our students receive a school issued e-mail address, which will help them to utilize our learning management platform and our online storage and collaboration space. Students will then be able to transfer this email address to provide them post-graduation in order to stay in touch with their teachers and to act as mentors for future students.

  • Online Learning Platform: Following acceptance into NACOHS, students will receive a user name and password for our online learning platform. This login allows students to communicate with peers in their classes, teachers, and administrators. We also provide parents with a login to check-in on student grades and progress in their classes.

  • Computing Education: For students who are not proficient in computing, they would have the opportunity to take introductory classes in computing education in the first three months of their enrollment so as to be able to participate in the online component of our classes.

  • Bullying: Identify and help stop it! Click here to read more!

  • Reading Books- Make it a habit! Start from here

  • Studying Abroad may change your high school experience. Read More

If you are having difficulty in any area, please send email