NACOHS Management Meeting.jpg

A.      BOARD: To handle all issues pertaining to the board’s Involvement in the operations of the organization.

1.       Dr. Samuel Kyeremeh
2.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
3.       Christopher Urbine
4.       Thomas Hutton Coleman

B.      MANAGEMENT: To handle all issues pertaining to Management deliberations about the organization, especially that may require urgent decisions without involving the entire membership of the team.

1.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
2.       Prof Ben Ofori-Amoah
3.       David Hays

C.      IT MANAGEMENT/WEBSITES: To manage and deliberate on issues pertaining to our websites, web management, learning management platform and all releases that are to be made available to the public.

1.       Kostas Antoniou
2.       Christopher Urbine
3.       David Hays
4.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
5.       Nate Price

.D.      TEACHING: To be responsible for recruiting teacher volunteers for our online delivery, especially for the high school

1.       Christopher Urbine
2.       David Hays
3.       Prof Ben Ofori-Amoah
4.       Kostas Antoniou
5.       Tom Coffie
6.       Anna Price

E.      GHANA: To take charge of matters generating from management’s discussions but also happening in Ghana that may need our response.

1.       Thomas Hutton Coleman
2.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
3.       Prof Ben Ofori-Amoah
4.       Evelyn Riddell-Gruber
5.       Tom Coffie

F.      BUSINESS PLAN: To put together all information needing to complete the business plan so it can be presented to places that may require it.

1.       Christopher Urbine
2.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
3.       Thomas Hutton Coleman
4.       Dr. Michael Kodwo Adjaloo
5.       Anna Price

G.      NATIONAL AFRICA COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (NACE) :   To handle issues regarding the training for our schools and others.

1.       Kostas Antoniou
2.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
3.       Tom Coffie
4.       Prof Ben Ofori-Amoah
5.       Jennifer Bash
6.       Christopher Urbine

H.      FUNDRAISING/MARKETING: To discuss and plan towards the implementation of the foundation part of our operations.

1.       Jennifer Bash
2.       Evelyn Riddell-Gruber
3.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
4.       David Hays

I.      AUGUST LAUNCHING IN GHANA: To deliberate on plans to go to Ghana in August for the launching- travel arrangements, accommodation in Ghana, meals, traveling in Ghana, etc!

1.       Prof Ben Ofori-Amoah
2.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
3.       Thomas Hutton-Coleman
4.       Christopher Urbine
5.       Rev. Samuel Sackey-Hughes
6.       Evelyn Riddell-Gruber

J.      CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATION: To discuss how best to include honey production into the curriculum starting with classwork in the practical aspects of honey production.

1.       Christopher Urbine
2.       Thomas Hutton Coleman
3.       Dr. Michael Kodwo Adjaloo
4.       Prince M Obiri-Mainoo
5.       Jennifer Bash