High School Curriculum: National Africa College Online High School

As you embark on your teaching assignment, please, give your students the opportunity to read and discuss the following teenagers and what they have been able to accomplish with their inventions to improve life. Please, click here!

Our curriculum is based on the United States Common Core Frameworks for Mathematics and English/Language Arts.  Additionally, our project-based learning and service-based approach to education will help to develop your leadership abilities.  All of our teaching methods are innovative and ensure your success and growth as a student. Additionally, upon completion, you will be eligible to compete for admission into universities in the United States and in other English-speaking countries. In accordance with the United States graduation requirements, to graduate from NACOHS, each of our students will meet the following requirements:

ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS: Four (4) online courses in English/Language Arts (ELA) are required.  Our curriculum gradually builds students' research, independent writing, and critical analysis skills.  Students will engage in reading novels, short stories, poetry and articles, and in analyzing videos, media, and speeches.  The ELA courses will focus on the four main domains: reading, listening, speaking, and writing.  

MATHEMATICS: Graduation requires four (4) online courses in Mathematics.  Our curriculum offers a variety of courses based on student's mathematics ability, future plans for college and careers, and background knowledge.  Rigor will remain consistent across all courses; students will be expected to take an active role in learning and applying the material.  Students will see how mathematics concepts connect across various disciplines and help explain the world in which we live. 

SOCIAL STUDIES: Each year, Social Studies will be taught. Social Studies curriculum is based off of the philosophy that students must understand the history, geography, politics, and economy of the world in order to make improvements and to be active, informed citizens.  Our Social Studies curriculum places a focus on critical thinking, writing, and analysis of our world.  Students will study each region in depth and come away with the skills needed to drive change. 

SCIENCE: Each year, there will be a science course, so students will take up to four (4) online courses in the sciences.  Courses include Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Integrated Science, and Earth Science.  The science curricula at the secondary level integrates critical thinking, mathematics, and writing activities.  Students will engage in hands-on activities by completing virtual labs as well as by receiving required materials in the mail to complete on their own.  

ACADEMIC SUPPORT: Each year, you will receive a minimum of one class that is considered Academic Support.  This class will help you to prepare for SATs, ACTs, college admissions, and financial aid.  You may also take courses specific to remedial math and reading.  You will work out a plan with your advisor. 

ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES: As part of your graduation requirements from National Africa College Online High School (NACOHS), you will engage in service-learning activities, based on your area of interest.  During your third year, students will engage in a Capstone Project, which will be to design, implement, and reflect on a service learning project in their communities.  This project will be led by leading consultants and entrepreneurs, who have dedicated the time to helping our students achieve their goals.  Ultimately, this will serve as a piece of the application process to colleges and universities, helping to set you apart when applying for admission and scholarships. 

ONLINE ADVANCED PLACEMENT (AP) CLASSES: In addition, we plan to offer an Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum, where you can earn college credit while still in high school.  Our wide-range of AP courses will help prepare you for college-level work; with the proper planning and by achieving successful scores on the AP exams, you can earn college credit from leading US colleges and universities. 

SAT/ACT Classes: These would begin when you start school as freshman in the ninth grade. This is to ensure that by the time you get to your junior year you are fully prepared to take the test and to score high that would help with your application for scholarship.

Adult Literacy Programs- Basic ESL and Math courses are available here for our community members! Here are some other links for adult basic lessons- Learning Upgrade Courses! Adults Continuing Education Link and other links from Class Central Check these courses too and many more….

EXTRAS FOR OUR TEACHERS: From Faculty Focus- Online Stuff

The opportunity to engage in an affordable, rigorous online high school curriculum is now available!  We are investing in you; now you invest in yourself.  Be part of the early cohorts of this strong program by applying today! 

Digital Skills Curriculum:

To succeed in your education and beyond in this 21st. century, you would need skills and tools beyond the traditional book knowledge. Here is the link to the Digital Skills Curriculum. 

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