SPECIFIC DONATIONS FOR 2019: As we open our doors to receive the first two batches of students at the Pentecost Junior High School and Pentecost Senior High School in Ghana in September 2019, we have set ourselves a modest goal of $1 a month. 100 people committing to give faithfully would give us $100 every month and $1200 for the year. This amount would go into two classroom projectors being the first of our initial needs . Thank you for being a part of NACOHS success story!

GENERAL DONATIONS: Your donation goes into the NAF foundation that is now set up to provide students and communities in need with start-up funding so they can establish their business without much problems. To ensure sustainability, we would encourage recipients of NAF funding to put such monies back into the fund so other students and communities could be supported as well. Donations also go to support students towards university admission, book purchases, college application fees and tuition subsidy. Remember that NACOHS has been self-funding since its inception and your donation would be greatly appreciated!